We offer both gait training and colt starting.

All training is done using natural horsemanship methods and is
broken down into steps in a way that makes it easy for the
horse to understand what you want.

We do not "cowboy" horses here, we are not bronc riders nor
do we have any desire to be.  We want to communicate with
the horse, not pick a fight with him!

We do not keep "training secrets".   Owners are welcome &
encouraged to visit as much as possible, and to take an active
role in their horses training.    If you see something you don't
understand, we will be happy to explain to you what we are
trying to accomplish.

Our main goal in taking on any horse for training is to produce
an animal that is well suited for his rider.  We WANT you to be
able to take your horse home & have him continue to perform
at his best.   We'd prefer to have your friends & neighbors
horses in for training next year rather than yours again, that
means we are doing our job right!
Training Rates

Our current charge for training is $500 per month.  This

12% sweet feed twice daily
quality brome grass hay daily
stalls cleaned daily
private turnout daily

Training 5-6 days per week.

Limited Space Available!   When we say we will ride your
horse 5-6 times per week, we mean just that.   We don't
skimp on training time in order to squeeze more horses
in.   If we don't have time to take your horse right
now, please be patient and understand that the reason for
this policy is to be fair to everyone who has unlimbered
their wallet to pay for our time, not just the "big clients".

Farrier & Dental Services available, but are not included in
basic charge.
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Hollandsworth Stables
Ask about riding lessons.
Package pricing available.