Some more photos of
the gang......
Meet Ronnie and Debbie......
and a few of the four leggeds as well....
About Us
Hollandsworth Stables
World Champion Missouri Foxtrotters
Residing in Owensville, MO, they have called this location
home since 1985.    While Ronnie focuses his attentions on
the barn activities, Debbie enjoys working in her gardens and
turning every stray into a pet.

Both Ronnie & Debbie have been busy lately helping to
develop the new low cost Spay & Neuter clinic located in
Bland, MO.   This wonderful facility , Protect Every Pet (PEP)
will be serving the local communities in an effort to help
reduce the number of unwanted pets.

If you know of someone in need of their service, please direct
them to the clinic at (573)646-3155  
Protect Every Pet

Of course, as with any facility of this type, donations are
always welcome & appreciated.

A special "Thank You" to Rebecca Myers Photography!