Family owned show horses we have trained:

This is our "brag page".   Yes, we're definitely going to brag on our
show ring success stories, but we'd also like to mention
something else here as well.  

Success is not always measured by the color of the ribbons
hanging upon the wall.   Sometimes it's measured by the security
a person feels as they saddle their old "rusty  trusty" up for a
solitary ride on the first warming day of spring.   Sometimes
success is mirrored in the missing tooth grin of the seven year
old who manages her first foxtrot.  And often it is measured in the
pure sense of selfless satisfaction of the weekend rider who
simply enjoys listening to her horse munch contentedly on his
hay each evening.

However YOU define "success", we are here to help you reach
your personal goals.
Hollandsworth Stables
World Champion Missouri Foxtrotters
A.C.E. Belladonna - Ashley Howard
Owner - Stan Heckman
Trax-Sational - Ashley Howard
aka (Doc)                                                           
Jester's Heartland Hero
Stephanie Follett
Ebony's Jester
Stephanie Follett
Shy Anne - Ashley Howard
Youth Equitation World Grand Champion  
Traveling Sam H.
Sam & Steph showed throughout
her "youth career".  Of 116 times
this pair entered the show ring, 105
blue ribbons & 5 seconds were
brought home.  The highlights of
their show career was winning both
the Youth Equitation & Youth Open
Championships as well as the
Mid-America Open Championship.
Hustler's Noddin'
Bobbin' Baby
- Ronnie Hollandsworth
Phenominal mare sired by
"The Hustler".
5 Championship Titles
2 World Grand Championship Titles
Fabulous Foxy Love
- Stephanie Follett
Owned by Frank & Lois Little, this mare
carried riders to a 2yr Old
Championship, (2) Youth Equitation
Championship Titles, & a Ladies Open
Championship Title.  "Steph & Love"
also was one of the first foxtrotters to
exhibit in Germany. Steph spent 3
months with her to settle her into her new
home while exhibiting & educating
newcomers to the breed.
Digger's Dandy Dude -
Ronnie Hollandsworth
3yr. Old Futurity Reserve World Grand Champion  
Shy Anne- Ronnie Hollandsworth
3yr. Old Futurity Reserve World Grand Champion
Rage's Baby Blue-
Ronnie Hollandsworth
3yr. Old & Older World Champion
K.J.'s Rage-N-Rose
Stephanie Follett
Winners of Mid-America Championship titles
and Southern Classic Champion.  As well as  
English Pleasure Open .
Hustler's Shadow Dancer
Morgan Follet
1st Year Showing
Ashley Howard
Youth Delegate

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